The Lash Retreat - Terrible quality - lashes all fell off

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I've gotten lash extensions previously 3 times at a different salon (about 6 months each time) and so I have some experience with how lash extensions should/could be.I was extremely disappointed when I decided to try the Lash Retreat and after paying $300 for my lash extensions (that should have lasted a minimum of 2 weeks without needing a re-fill, lasted only 3 days before nearly all the lashes had fallen off.

I did not treat these lashes any differently than the previous sets from the other salon that lasted over 3 weeks without needing a refill.I guess this is why they were the only ones with an appointment available during the holiday season.

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The Lash Retreat

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This place is dirty, aweful, and rude.All they want is your money!!!!

The girls who work there are disrespectful and the girl Courtney does bad lashes! All their lashes fall of anyways right after you get them done and you pay $300!!!!!!! Bad Bad Bad Place to go...try the lash lounge! The owner of this salon is a *** and all he thinks about is sex and women...hints the salon full of women!

The receptionist is cruel and would rather watch tv on her laptop than give good customer service! Bad Place.

Do Not Go Here!Thank you!

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I will never go back to this place....NEEDS NEW MANAGMENT!


OMG!I just went to this place last week and i have NEVER been so disgusted with a place of business in my life!

First, the receptionist (same as earlier post with the short hair, I'm assuming) was the rudest, unfriendliest woman I have ever come in contact with. She didn't explain anything to me and i felt rushed thru the process. She was on the computer the whole time I was there. Excuse me, but I am about to drop over $300 on eyelashes I think i should be shown some form of respect.

Then I got my lashes, which was another experience... The girl that was doing it (black girl) was also rude and kept hurting me- I thought it wasn't supposed to hurt??? I regretfully paid and left, and a couple of days later I felt like my REAL eyelashes were being yanked out of my eyelids.. My friend referred me to the Lash Lounge, and the girl Leah fixed them no problem and now they're perfect- and I paid half the price!!

They also said they have to fix several of the Lash Retreat's customers' lashes... WTF??

How is this place still in business?I will tell as many people as I can to NEVER let these people near your lashes!!!


I too have been here and yes its bad.The receptionist with the short black hair was too busy having personal time to answer my questions.

I was rushed and finally just said forget it. I found another girl who charges $150 and they are great! This place needs to be under new managment.

A friend of mine says shes shocked by my experience bc the customer service was awesome when they first opened.What changed?

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